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Welcome to #thesweatlife online community, your hub for home workouts and mindfulness practices—wherever you are. Here you’ll find some of our best content from some of our favourite people to help you stay connected to yourself and your community.

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Take Care

The time you take to connect with yourself will positively influence your day-to- day, and how you connect with others. Go inward, de-stress, get grounded.

Yoga at Home.

20, 45, and 60-minute yoga videos designed to bring calmness, stability or energy into your body and your day.

Meditation: just a little goes a really long way. Find one that works for you.

Follow Ryan Leier’s simple breath guide to detox the body.


Indoor Workouts

These workouts and practices require little room and no equipment to release energy and stress. Bonus: you might sleep better.

Pressed for time? This 10-minute bodyweight training at home workout builds long-lasting strength.

Try a 45-minute bodyweight workout with Leonel Franco.

Learn yoga basics with Annie Clarke.

Try power yoga with Baron Baptiste.

We’re in this together

The bonds we have don’t just dissolve when we can’t be in the same place. Call your family, Google hang with your friends, wave to your neighbours, and really put the social back in social media. Follow us for daily updates from our collective.

Stay healthy. Stay connected.