It’s time to be kind 


This space is our very own act of kindness to you. Full of inspiring stories, workouts and ideas—it’s all about taking care of yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

How to begin? We’ll share one act of kindness you can commit to each week—or if you fancy doing more, you can download our list of ideas below and track your progress.   

Why being kind to yourself isn’t selfish

Award-winning author and journalist Poorna Bell shares her personal thoughts on kindness—and how, after many years, she’s learned to be kind to herself.

How to sleep better

Are you struggling to fall asleep at night? Dr Chris George is here to help. From creating a calming wind-down routine to limiting naptime and caffeine in the afternoons, he shares his top tips on catching some well-rested shuteye.

Be kind to yourself. Take time to pause with our expert tips and interviews from the people that inspire us.


Why I meditate with Darvina Plante.

Our yoga ambassador shares the benefits of meditation and why it can be anything but conventional.


How to get started with journaling.

This mindfulness practice has myriad benefits. Here are three simple ways to try it for yourself.


Five easy yoga poses to help you find inner calm.

Ambassador Annie Clarke shares five restorative poses for relaxation.


How to combine running with meditation.

Global run ambassador Charlie Dark on making your next run a meditative one.


Be kind to your spine

If WFH is taking its toll, Pilates instructor Alex Coleman has got your back with these expert tips.

Gifts with good vibes built in.