Here to Be is lululemon's social impact program.
We believe everyone has the right to be well.


Our mission

To ensure well-being is accessible to all.

Everyone has the right to be well—but not everyone has access to the movement and mindfulness practices that support this. Here to Be exists to change this by offering mental, physical and social well-being to those that need it.


What we do

We partner with organisations that embrace the healing power of movement and mindfulness, and that also advocate for civil and human rights. We provide support that includes:

· Funding – application-driven grants, by-invitation grants, and product donations

· Connection – shared resources, learning, and community-building

· Amplification – internal and external storytelling across our platforms

We work with global, national and local organisations that support communities including:

· People experiencing systems of inequity due to racial/ethnic identity, LGBTQ+, and disability

· Youth, including changemakers and emerging leaders

· Humanitarian and disaster relief workers


Current granting opportunities

There are no current or upcoming granting opportunities. Please email HERETOBE@LULULEMON.COM if you’d like to be notified about funding opportunities. 


Our current partners 

A list of our EMEA Access Partners who help ensure movement and mindfulness practices are available to those who need it:


Body & Soul | London, UK

Mission: To transform the life-threatening effects of childhood adversity in people of all ages and help to liberate them from trauma.


Citizen2be | Berlin, DE

Mission: To use the power of yoga to help traumatised women to better process the situations and events that they have endured.


Edinburgh Community Yoga | Edinburgh, UK

Mission: To take the therapeutic benefits of yoga to communities in Edinburgh, breaking barriers to ensure access and inclusion.


Fierce Calm | Hitchin, UK

Mission: To make the healing power of yoga accessible to all, while supporting the most vulnerable in society in a diverse, inclusive and safe environment.

Glocal Roots | Zurich, CH

Mission: To develop projects with the aim of increasing and strengthening the resilience and independence of refugees in Europe.

Govan Community Project | Glasgow, UK

Mission: To achieve social justice in the Greater Govan area by building a strong community based on equality, mutual respect, support, and integration.

Lumi Foundation | London, UK

Mission: To make yoga accessible to all by taking it to the community.

Maggie Keswick Jencks Cancer Caring Centres Trust | Manchester, UK

Mission: To provide free emotional and practical support to people with cancer, as well as their families and friends.


Our Mala | London,UK

Mission: To provide a welcoming space to breathe and heal through yoga for people seeking international protection.


Teen Yoga Foundation | Camerton, UK

Mission: To empower young people through yoga.


YoGlasgow! | Glasgow, UK

Mission: To promote and deliver yoga programs to people who live in areas of Glasgow with little access to physical, mental and social well-being.

Our EMEA Advocacy Partner who advocates for systemic change, so that everyone can be well:

Blueprint for All | London, UK

Blueprint for All | London, UK

We believe in a future where talent is respected and nurtured irrespective of where it comes from; where organisations recognise and realise the benefits of a diverse workforce; and where our communities can come together and thrive. This is our blueprint to set the foundations for a more inclusive society to grow. Our high impact programmes work with disadvantaged young people and communities, providing tangible opportunities and support that enables them to thrive, whilst driving systemic change in organisations and society.

Our global list of partners can be found here.