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Strategic Sales

Strategic Sales

At lululemon, our purpose is to elevate the world by realising the full potential within every one of us..  


That’s where our Strategic Sales program comes in. We pair with the right local entrepreneurs and athletes who are passionate about elevating their communities—people who get up every morning for something bigger than themselves. 


Under Strategic Sales, there are three types of programs we offer.

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Our Wholesale program partners with workout and yoga studios to get them the technical gear and props they need to sweat. The relationships we build within these communities help us provide products to athletes and yogis in local classes. We look for partners across Europe who share our passion for elevating the level of health in the community and being a stand for greatness in the world. Currently, we work with partners across the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and more. Want to work with us? Email us [email protected] to learn more about the types of partnerships we offer.

Studio Essentials

Our Yoga Hard Goods program develops relationships with local yoga spaces to help provide access to mats, blocks, straps and the opportunities they need to grow.. To learn more about our how our Studio Essentials program works in Europe email us here, [email protected]

Team Sales

Our Team Program help teams get into technical athletic gear so that they can focus on sweating hard and inspiring their communities. We partner with teams who sweat day-in, day-out and are looking for great workout gear to keep up with them.

Strategic Sales

Strategic Sales

Does this sound like you?


You’re eligible if... 

- Your team is passionate about elevating your community. 

- Your team requires technical athletic apparel for training and competition. 

- Your team can meet our minimum order require. Reach out to find out more. 


How do I sign up?  


Our program accepts a limited number of applications so we can really support the right teams. Interested? Email us here, [email protected] 






Find a Strategic Sales Partner in Europe

Looking to partner with us? Email us here, [email protected]