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Our fabrics


Our world-class fabrics, innovative design concepts and functional technology are what set us apart and support ultimate performance potential.



Our original performance fabric is breathable and cottony-soft. Its technical properties and functionality, including four-way stretch. 


FEELS: cottony-soft


DESIGNED FOR: yoga or light-impact activities 




Luxtreme is a high-performance fabric developed to handle serious sweat. It is inherently sweat-wicking with four-way stretch.  


FEELS: smooth and cool-to-the-touch 


DESIGNED FOR: running and training



Our first fabric designed for the Naked Sensation category, Nulu is lightweight and delivers that next-to-nothing feeling. Its light compression, four-way stretch, and full coverage allow unrestricted movement and confidence during your practice.  


FEELS: buttery-soft






Like Nulu, this high-impact fabric offers the same next-to-nothing feeling. Nulux is also sweat-wicking and quick-drying meaning you won’t have that wet, sweaty feeling weighing you down. The fabric is knit using a special technique that makes it incredibly lightweight yet opaque.


FEELS: silky-smooth feel and cool-to-the-touch


DESIGNED FOR: running and training



The technical performance of this innovative studio fabric comes from its unique yarns and double-knit construction which together keep you cool, dry and focused during the most intense workouts. Everlux’s inner layer was developed with special yarns that have unparalleled sweat-wicking capabilities and are cool-to-the-touch, while its outer layer is built with quick-drying yarns that offer a buttery-soft texture.


FEELS: cool-on-the-skin


DESIGNED FOR: sweaty studio sessions




Equal parts strong and light, this versatile woven fabric offers two-way stretch and no-bulk performance, meaning you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all during your toughest training session or your commute home. Water-repellent and sweat-wicking treatments also make Swift the perfect fabric for jackets and transitional layers.  

We offer different versions of Swift. Swift Ultra has the added benefit of four-way stretch to move with you. Swift Ultra Light is a lightweight version for warm climates. 


FEELS: lightweight 


DESIGNED FOR: training and office, travel, commute



This durable fabric is the perfect partner for your sweaty commute. Warpstreme is sweat-wicking with four-way stretch for a range of motion.


FEELS: durable


DESIGNED FOR: office, travel, commute 




Vitasea fabric is made with Seacell yarn and blended with cotton and Lycra® that retains its shape and stays soft after you wear and wash it. This fabric is primarily used in t-shirts and other light layers.


FEELS: soft and lightweight 


DESIGNED FOR: office, travel, commute 

Silverescent® Technology


The science of stink, Silverescent technology, powered by X-STATIC® is a core component for many products within our sweat category. This exclusive fabric technology prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria.


DESIGNED FOR: running and training 


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